Design Competitions

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Create a functional, printable design of your choice using SelfCAD editor. We expect you to let your inner artist out and bring unique visions to life!

Double-color Disco Ultimate 3D printer by Dagoma
Submission Deadline: 2019/06/21
Polypanels Competition

Design new components for the PolyPanels system and assemble beautiful objects with them!

Snapmaker 3-in-1 3d printer
3D Printing Industry Awards 2019 Protolabs

Submit your design for the trophy of the 3D Printing Industry Awards 2019 and get the chance to win an Ultimaker 3!

Ultimaker 3

Use 3D printing to enhance our planet and our society. Unleash your creativity for a greater good, join the Hope3D revolution!

Snapmaker 3-in-1 3d printer

Create a Character design on Tinkercad and send it to MyMiniFactory. We're looking for cute original characters, do you know one? The creator of the best character will get a BIQU Thunder!

BIQU Thunder
Sindoh Smart Assistant

Design an accessory for your Smart Assistant and win a Sindoh 3DWox DP200!

Sindoh 3DWOX DP200
Expired on: 2019/03/14
Pimp My Original Prusa

Design some exciting enhancements or improvements to the Original Prusa i3 MK3 3D printer and win!

1 x Prusa i3 MK3, 5 Prusament spools, 3 Prusament spools
Expired on: 2019/01/10
Decoration Spare Parts

Design 3D printable spare parts for Christmas and New Year decorations and win the new Sindoh 3D Wox 3D Printer!

Win a Sindoh 3DWOX 3D Printer!
Expired on: 2019/01/15
Toy Spare parts

Design 3D printable spare parts for toys and games and win the new Sindoh 3D Wox 3D Printer!

Win a Sindoh 3DWOX 3D Printer!
Expired on: 2018/12/18
Trick or Print

Design a 3D printable costume accessory or decoration for a perfect Halloween night and get the chance to win $250!

Expired on: 2018/12/07

Design 3D printable spare parts for musical instruments and other sound systems and win the new Sindoh 3D Wox 3D Printer!

Win a Sindoh 3DWOX 3D Printer!
Expired on: 2018/11/15
Tinkercad Dream Factory

Welcome Schools! Discover our first Storytelling Contest on MyMiniFactory. This contest has two parts: a short written story, and a 3D model design in Tinkercad using the world of Buddyland!

3 x Little 3D Printer Kits and 1 x 3D-Fuel Pro Filament Bundle
Expired on: 2018/10/15

Design 3D printable spare parts for drones or RCs and win the new Sindoh 3DWox 3D Printer! Start your 3D printing journey today: just design, upload and share your STL files on MyMiniFactory!

Win a Sindoh 3DWOX 3D Printer!
Expired on: 2018/10/15

Build something new with existing Clickaloo parts in our latest Clickaloo 3D design challenge and win a Craftbot 2 ! Submit your entry before September 4th 2018.

Win a Craftbot 2 3D Printer!
Expired on: 2018/09/15

Enter the official IKEA Democratic Design Challenge!

Showcase your work at the IKEA Democratic Design Days
Expired on: 2018/10/15
Automobile Spare Parts

Design 3D printable spare parts for bikes, automobiles or other vehicles and win the new Sindoh 3DWox 3D Printer! Start your 3D printing journey today: just design, upload and share your STL files on MyMiniFactory!

Win a Sindoh 3DWOX 3D Printer!
Expired on: 2018/09/15

Design 3D Printable parts and accessories for Airsoft guns in this 3D design challenge. Submit your designs and STL files and WIN $250!

Win $250
Expired on: 2018/09/15

Design 3D printable filament spool holders for Joel from 3D Printing Nerd in this 3D design competition and have a chance to win the Matterhackers PRO Series Filament Bundle! Get your start in 3D printing and 3D design and enter this competition now!

Matterhackers PRO Series Filament Bundle
Expired on: 2018/08/28
Tinkercad Great Outdoors

Win a Snapmaker 3-in-1 3D printer!

Snapmaker 3-in-1 3D Printer
Expired on: 2018/07/18
Esso Innovate

Help Esso innovate and win the Fusion3 F410

1 x Fusion3 F410
Expired on: 2018/07/18

Design spare parts for cleaning appliances and win the Sindoh 3DWox!

Win a Sindoh 3DWOX 3D Printer!
Expired on: 2018/07/15
Make Anything Design Challenge

Create a 3D printable puzzle with Make Anything and win a Dremel DigiLab 3D45!

Win a Dremel DigiLab 3D45!
Expired on: 2018/06/04
Board Games Spare Parts

Win the Sindoh 3DWOX DP200 in this board games spare parts design challenge!

Win a 3D WOX DP200!
Expired on: 2018/06/18
MAMSS x MyMiniFactory

Make a 3D model of an item that represents and/or promotes your department or faculty

2 x Lulzbot Mini
Expired on: 2018/04/30
Computer Parts

Design Computers Parts for any Computer and WIN!

Win a Sindoh 3DWOX 3D Printer!
Expired on: 2018/05/05
Tinkercad Easter

Win the new Crane Quad CMYK 3D printer and a year-long supply of filament in this Easter themed design competition.

Crane Quad CMYK 3D printer and a year-long supply of filament
Expired on: 2018/04/19
Camera Parts

Design Camera Parts for any Camera and WIN!

Win $250! The more submissions the more prizes!
Expired on: 2018/04/07
3D Printing Industry Awards x Protolabs

Design the trophy for the official 3D Printing Industry Awards

Wanhao Duplicator 9
Expired on: 2018/04/09
Battery Covers

Design battery covers for any electrical devices and WIN!

Win $250! The more submissions the more prizes!
Expired on: 2018/03/10

MyMiniFactory and Esso are proud to bring you an exclusive opportunity, taking the iconic 250ml can and re-purposing it for home, travel, garden, sports, science or anything that sparks your imagination.

Sigmax 3D printer worth $5000
Expired on: 2018/02/22
Spare Parts

Design spare parts for domestic appliances and WIN!

Win $250! The more submissions the more prizes!
Expired on: 2018/02/07
Da Vinci Exotic Animals

Design Exotic Animals and win limited edition paint brushes!

25x Limited Edition Da Vinci Brush Set Series 5203
Expired on: 2018/01/21
Vectary Xmas

Design your own Xmas deco with Vectary and win a $3,600 3D printer, 2 pre-orders for MakeX’s upcoming MIGO desktop machine and many more exciting prizes.

M-Jewelry DLP 3D printer worth $3,599!
Expired on: 2017/12/22
Tinkercad Xmas

Win a Sindoh WOX 3D printer and filament worth £2000 in this Christmas themed design competition

Sindoh WOX 3D printer and filament worth £2000
Expired on: 2017/12/20

Win a Wanhao Duplicator i3 In this Flexible Fimanet competition with MakeShaper

Wanhao Duplicator i3, 1kg
Expired on: 2017/11/30

Design for SLS 3D printing and win an amazing desktop SLS printer Sinterit Lisa worth $7000

Sinterit Lisa Worth $7,000
Expired on: 2017/11/10
Tinkercad Halloween

Design something in Tinkercad and you could win a BCN3D Sigma worth over $3100!

BCN3D Sigma R17
Expired on: 2017/10/31

Use the awesome browser based design software - Vectary - to create 3D printable designs and win amazing prizes.

M-Jewelry DLP 3D printer
Expired on: 2017/09/10
Tinkercad Competition

Design something in Tinkercad and you could win a Witbox 2 from BQ labs worth $2000!

Witbox 2 worth $2000
Expired on: 2017/07/28

We've teamed up with WASP to bring you a truly unique opportunity to design and print furniture on a whole different scale on their 3M tall, Delta 3D printer!

A full size print of your design!
Expired on: 2017/05/12
3D Printing Industry Awards

We've teamed up with 3D Printing Industry and Virtual Foundry and are asking you - the MyMiniFactory community - to design a trophy for the awards.

Startt 3D Printer and your design as the official trophy
Expired on: 2017/04/30

In this new design competition we’ve partnered with IndieGoGo's Mokacam to design around their awesome 4k action camera.

4k Mokacam
Expired on: 2017/04/30
Nintendo Switch

Use your creativity and ingenuity to design a single or a range of 3D printable Nintendo Switch addon's / accessories which will aid comfort, customizability or functionality.

Nintendo Switch
Expired on: 2018/12/12
Imagine et imprime un objet écolo rigolo

[FR] Il s'agit de concevoir et d'imprimer en 3D, un prototype innovant, original et créatif représentant un objet du quotidien écologique et respectueux de l'environnement.

UP! Mini 2, offerte par iMakr
Expired on: 2017/03/08
Capcom - Monster Hunter

We've teamed up with Capcom to bring you an official Monster Hunter 3D Design Competition with an awesome Raise N2+ Dual worth $3,500 up for grabs!

Raise 3D N2+
Expired on: 2019/12/12

Design a pair of specs for the awesome Ian Wright, and win a year’s worth of filament to boot. You will also get to be one of Floreon’s 3D Ambassadors and test all their new products first before anyone else.

Ultimaker 2+
Expired on: 2017/02/27

Use your 3D design skills to create a new character, or group of characters, that could be used as the stars of a new WildBrain production.

Expired on: 2017/03/03
Autodesk Stage 2

We want you to take an object that you use for your favorite hobby, and using 3D capture and Autodesk ReMake and Fusion 360, customise it to best suit your needs.

HTC Vive
Expired on: 2016/12/02
Magic Candy Factory

Ever wanted to 3D print your own candy? Well now’s your chance to not only work with the awesome Katjes Magic Candy Factory, but to have a chance of winning one of their exclusive Magic Candy Machines (worth in excess of £30,000), currently not available to buy anywhere in the world.

£30,000 exlusive Magic Candy Factory 3D Printer
Expired on: 2016/12/16
Autodesk Stage 1

We want you to take an object that you use for your favorite hobby, and using 3D capture and Autodesk ReMake and Fusion 360, customise it to best suit your needs.

Oculus Rift and HTC Vive
Expired on: 2016/11/10
Barclays Eagle Labs

Win an Ultimaker 2 3D printer in this awesome Barclays Eagle Labs innovation competition!

Ultimaker 2+
Expired on: 2016/06/19

Design something Pokemon related and win a Nintendo 3DS Bundle!

Nintendo 3DS XL Pokemon Bundle
Expired on: 2016/09/12

We want you to come up with 3D printable designs to be used in conjunction with the micro:bit device. Anything goes, as long as your design would make sense when used with a micro:bit. Whether its a simple case, or large project that makes use of multiple devices, we want to see what you've got.

Win a BQ Witbox 2 and a micro:bit!
Expired on: 2016/09/16
Fiber Force

Fiber Force are giving away $500 plus $900 of filament.

$250 + filament pack 12 spools
Expired on: 2016/09/02
IKEA Spare Parts

Submit IKEA related 3D printable designs and stand a chance to win a $150 IKEA voucher

$150 IKEA Voucher
Expired on: 2016/07/16
Google OnHub

We've teamed up with Google OnHub to bring you a fresh new 3D design competition where you can win OnHub routers for your home.

Win a Google OnHub
Expired on: 2016/07/26
Third Birthday Giveaway

Submit a design before the 1st of July 2016 and you could win a Flashforge Finder

Flashforge Finder
Expired on: 2016/07/05
Roccat Design Competition

Enter fo a chance to win some awesome ROCCAT loot with a total value in excess of $850!

ROCCAT Nyth, Isku, Renga, Taito Control
Expired on: 2016/05/31
Élodie Ortisset - Bienvenue Chez Vous charity.

Élodie will choose her favourite jewellery designs to be cast in silver / gold and sold through Greetzly’s Élodie Ortisset page and on MyMiniFactory, of which a large portion of the proceeds will go to the Bienvenue Chez Vous charity.

Have your design cast and sold by Élodie
Expired on: 2016/06/10

We want to see your best Playstation related designs. We're looking for characters from the games, weapons, armour, props or anything else that is in some way linked to Sony Playstation and its characters.

Expired on: 2016/04/29
Pebble 3D Print Accessory design competition

Design your most innovative pebble watch accessory to win a Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel and Pebble Time Round.

Pebble Time Piece
Expired on: 2016/04/29
Scan the World Travel Competition

Scan a sculpture and win a trip of a lifetime!

Your Travel Paid for!
Expired on: 2016/05/01
Jewellery Competition

MyMiniFactory is expanding and jewellery is getting its very own landing page! Now is your chance to shape it with us and create stunning pieces for the new online shop. Anything is possible, so create something original, exciting and let your imagination run wild!

Winning designs cast in sterling silver
Expired on: 2016/05/17
Parrot Drone Accessory Design Competition

Have your designs sold on the official Parrot store! $2000+ worth of prizes to be won!

Bebop 2 + SkyController
Expired on: 2016/03/11
The Future of Home Appliances

Come up with clever and creative addons and accessories for home appliances. Win cash prizes and Polymaker filament!

$1,000 First Prize!
Expired on: 2016/01/06

Design innovative accessories and attachments for BleepBleeps "SammyScreamer" motion alarm.

Sammy Screamers!
Expired on: 2016/01/13

In partnership with Kyle Martin Tech "GoPro Tips and Tricks" we want you to show us your best GoPro designs and Ideas!

Win GoPro Hero4 Silver (Worth $500)
Expired on: 2015/12/14
Tabulate Contest!

Win an iPad mini in this awesome competition with Tabulate!

Win an iPad Mini 2, Tabulate and Free Accessory
Expired on: 2015/12/04
Micro Drone 3D design competition

Back by popular demand! MyMiniFactory and Extreme Fliers are back with Micro Drone 3.0 Design competition PART 2

3X Micro Drone with custom 3D printed Shroud
Expired on: 2015/10/30
Support Free Vase Competition

Design an awesome support free Vase or Planter and have it sold in the MMF store!

big cash
Expired on: 2015/11/04
Games and Toys

We are launching a new Games & Toys design & print competition! To enter, just upload your .stl files and photos of your printed design! Great cash prizes to be won.

Expired on: 2015/10/13
Biggest Destiny Community Give away

MyMiniFactory is hosting the biggest Destiny Community give away the world has ever seen. We want to give back to the awesome community of Destiny by giving you the chance to win some of the coolest Destiny swag.

Amazing Destiny items
Expired on: 2015/09/18

MyMiniFactory have paired up with Kitronik. Combine 3D printing with electronics and you get fantastic custom-made functional items! Win functional speakers, a night light or a rear bike light! The grand prize is a Zmorph 2.0 S 3D printer from our sponsor ZMORPH!

ZMorph 2.0 + assembled kits
Expired on: 2015/09/29

MMF are launching a Cannybot design competition! Pimp the existing model or create cool track accessories. Win fantastic prizes, including the UP! Plus 2 desktop 3D printer for a school of your choice, Cannybot kits + racetracks. Every participant will receive a 20% discount on Cannybot products.

UP! Plus 2 + Cannybots kits
Expired on: 2015/09/12
Micro Drone 3.0

MyMiniFactory have teamed up with and we want you to design a drone shroud for the brand new Micro Drone 3.0, turning the standard drone into something epic!

3x Custom Micro Drone 3.0
Expired on: 2015/08/23
MMF MeshMixUp

Use your imagination to create wonderful designs! Pick two or more existing models from MyMiniFactory and mesh them up using MeshMixer. Mix models to win a brand new Einstart-S Desktop 3D printer!

EinStart-S Desktop 3D printer
Expired on: 2015/07/30
Linus Tech Tips Headphone Design

Design a wall-mounted headphone stand with MyMiniFactory and Linus Tech Tips and have it bought to manufacture with SilverStone.

Your design in gold
Expired on: 2015/08/07
Purement Anti-Microbial Filament

For this design competition, we're partnering with Purement and tasking you with creating awesome 3D printable designs for a bacteria free environment.

Expired on: 2015/06/08

Come up with a 3D printable design that fits within the two themes and win some awesome prizes courtesy of Verbatim 3D Printing Filament. This is your chance to be a part of the launch of this awesome new product, with your designs being some of the first to be printed with Verbatim Filament!

Expired on: 2015/04/20
3D Print Week New York - US Based Entrants Only

Come up with your best 3D Printable design and win the chance to exhibit with MyMiniFactory at 3D Print Week New York.

Expired on: 2015/04/02
Pebble Time

Design new and exciting accessories and attachments for Pebble Smart Watch and stand a chance to win a brand new Pebble Time.

Expired on: 2015/03/23
GoPro Competition

In partnership with, MyMiniFactory is launching a 3D printing design competition. We are calling on all 3D artists and designers to design novel and unique GoPro attachments capable of surviving the demanding environments GoPro cameras so often encounter.

Expired on: 2015/02/21
B9 Valentines Day

In partnership with B9Creator, MyMiniFactory is launching a 3D printing design competition. We are calling on all 3D artists, jewellery artists and designers to create extraordinary andunique jewellery and accessories for him & her.

Expired on: 2015/02/14
Christmas 2014 - Support Free

The theme for this competition is "support free"! We want you to come up with a unique and creative design that can be 3D printed without any support material.

Expired on: 2014/11/13
Halloween 2014 - Masks/Cabinet of Curiosities

This Halloween push your skills to the limit in our 3D printing design competition, an overall winner will be decided from the two catagories , so pick your favourite!

Expired on: 2014/10/12
Scan the world Travel Competition

Scan the world and win the weekend away

Expired on: 2014/08/16
Oxfam Competition

MyMiniFactory and Oxfam have joined forces to improve humanitarian aid using 3D printing.

Expired on: 2014/07/18
iPhone Case competition

Design the iPhone Case

Expired on: 2014/05/20
Valentine's Day Design Contest

The grand prize for the most voted/downloaded object is an all expenses paid trip for two at a five star spa including a night's accommodation, transport and dinner, at the value of £1,000

Expired on: 2014/01/27
Christmas 2013 Design Contest

Christmas contest

Expired on: 2014/01/27
Open Design Competition

Welcome to the Chess and Pen Design Open Competition

Expired on: 2013/09/13