In partnership with Kyle Martin from GoPro Tips and Tricks, MyMiniFactory is launching a 3D printing DESIGN AND IDEAS competition. We are calling on all 3D artists/designers and GoPro enthusiasts to design or share ideas for novel and unique GoPro attachments capable of surviving the demanding environments that GoPro cameras so often encounter.

All GoPro attachments designs and ideas are welcome, but keep in mind that we’re interested in inventive, fresh, new and mind-bending suggestions and ideas! Try to avoid simply copying or redesigning current attachments, unless the improvements are significant. We want to see the cool, crazy and creative!

We have included a GoPro template for you to use so that you can design around the measurements of an actual GoPro. As long as your attachment suitably fits a GoPro and is fully 3D printable, your design will be accepted. There are no other restrictions, be as creative as you can! For guidelines on how to design for 3D printing please follow this link.

There are two different ways you can enter this competition:


•Users can submit their own 3D designs.
•From here MyMiniFactory will test print and approve all designs, making them available to download. 

•Users will then vote for their favourites by downloading them.
•The 3 most downloaded designs, along with the Kyle’s favourite will be featured in GoPro Tips and Tricks video and promoted to his audience!


•Even if you are not able to design in 3D, we still want you to enter this competition! You will be able to suggest your own ideas for an attachment over on the Ideas section of MyMiniFactory. Here users can collaborate, cheer and comment accordingly. Simply submit your idea using this link
•The idea with the most cheers (provided that the design is feasible) will be realized as a fully 3D printed product and featured on GoPro Tricks as one of the finalists.

 An overall winner will then be chosen and announced on Kyles show, they will walk away with an awesome super sweet GoPro Hero4 Silver (Worth $500).




•Submit your design files using the green "submit your design" button at the bottom of the page.

•To submit your ideas follow this link

•You can submit as many entries as you like - as long as it is your own, original work.

•If your design is in multiple parts, please make sure all parts (as STLs) zipped up with assembly instructions or diagrams of hoe they fit together.

•If you have any special instructions for your design, please indicate in the description below.