By now we have all heard 3D printing referred to as a "disruptive" technology. It enables anyone to be an inventor or maker, allowing people to take full control over the design and manufacture process. In light of this, we are calling on you to apply your design skills to the way we currently perceive of our homes and the things we put in them. Reinvent or adapt the accessories for the modern home appliance, this is your chance to show people what 3D printing can do, and how it is going to radically change our lives in the years to come.


We have teamed up with Polymaker for this competition as their filament is high grade and high strength, making it perfect for appliances and other items that will probably be subject to constant use. For more information about Polymaker, and their awesome range of filament, click here



This is an opportunity for you to unleash your creativity and introduce the future of home appliance accessories to 3D printing. Replacement parts, extra accessories, embellishments, added functionality, or even a complete redesign or new invention, think outside the box and impress us. Always wanted your toaster to have a custom bread holder? Go for it! Your design might just be a prototype or proof of concept, but so long as it makes us think about the way we use our appliances and gadgets, or shows us something completely new, it will be included.


New to design or just getting started? We recommend using Leopoly. With Leopoly you can bring your creations to life simply and easily from directly within your browser. Check it out here.


If you decide to create something for a specific  brand or product, please let us know what the product is in your description. We will of course test print all the designs, but bonus points if you submit photos of your printed design in situ!


We also kindly ask that you take 5 minutes to complete this survey. This will help us better understand our members and improve the MyMiniFactory experience! 
PLEASE NOTE: You will need to complete this survey in order to qualify for your free spool of filament.





Amazing cash prizes:

• 1st Prize: $1,000

• 2nd Prize: $500

• 3rd Prize: $250

• The first 50 people to submit a design will receive a 250g spool of Polymaker filament (upon completing the above survey)

Submission opens: November 17th 

Submission closes: December 17th

Voting starts: December 22th

Voting closes: January 6th

Winner annouced: January 8th

Check out this blog post for design tips for 3D printing. There are no specific restrictions, we only ask that your design in STL format (zipped up if there are multipled parts).  If you have any other questions about creating your design or the process in general then email us:


• Submit your design files using the green "submit your design" button at the bottom of the page.

• You can submit as many entries as you like - as long as it is your own, original work. 

• If your design is in multiple parts, please make sure you submit all parts (as STLs) zipped up with assembly instructions or diagrams of how they fit together.

• If you have any special instructions for your design, please indicate these in the description box.

• All entries that meet the requirements will be hosted on 

• Voting (measured by downloads) will run for 1 week starting on December 22nd

• Designs will go live as they are validated by the MMF team. Voting will only count during the voting period to ensure fairness.

• Please note: multiple downloads by the same user do not count!

• All STL files will be made available to the public to download for free. 

• All design entries to this competition will be shared in an opensource way. Files will be shared freely, can be remixed, adapted, including for commercial purposes.

• The top 3 designs will receive the following prizes: 1st - $1,000 2nd - $500, 3rd - $250



Good luck and have fun!!